Audio Scripture Recording

Audio Scripture recording requires an in-depth process to ensure highest levels of accuracy and quality. We take the Word of God very seriously, and we do not compromise in our efforts to handle it rightly. In every recording, Vineyard media engage with Bible agencies, Bible societies, translation organization and national ministries throughout the process of recording the audio bible in the heart language. Once completed, an audio Bible has the potential to impact millions of people.

The comprehensive goal of Vineyard Media’s audio scripture recording department is to produce Audio Scriptures in every language that is spoken in Africa. This ministry is very significant in Africa where the challenge of illiteracy is paramount and prevents many from accessing God’s Word. It is the heart cry of this ministry that everyone can hear God’s voice in their own mother tongue.

Vineyard Media recording technicians work with various native speakers across Africa to turn every book of the Bible; every chapter, every verse and every word into audio. Our hardworking team of recording technicians with many years of experience in digital audio visual recording goes to the risky and volatile places to record the scriptures.

Bible agencies across Africa are working very hard to translate the Bible into every language. Many people will need audio Bibles because they can not read these printed Bibles.

Many Africans refer to this Bible as “Oral Bible” because with just a click, the Bible speaks to them.